10 iPhone Apps That Help with Managing Kids Behavior

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When it comes to managing personal and professional productivity, few tools are as powerful or as effective as the smartphone. One of the most popular offerings in the smartphone market is Apple’s highly sought-after iPhone device, due in part to the many impressive applications that can be purchased through the dedicated App Store. While it probably comes as no surprise that the iPhone is capable of streamlining your work, you may not suspect just how useful of a parenting tool it can be as well. These 10 iPhone apps are designed to help you manage and monitor kids’ behavior, and can be a tech-savvy parent, educator or caregiver’s best friend.

  1. Beep & Boop – A free app from JibJab Media, Beep & Boop allows you to reinforce good behavior with Beeps, and issue Boops to signal bad behavior. Each Boop deletes one Beep, helping kids understand that choosing to misbehave comes with consequences. Putting a rewards system in place with pay-out contingent upon receiving a specified number of Beeps can also be effective if you’re using a ‘rewards versus consequences’ model of behavioral modification.
  2. BeGOOD! – At $1.99 from Cloudlark, LLC, BeGOOD! is an inexpensive, effective and fun way to manage and keep up with kids’ behavior with your smartphone, especially considering that most people have their phone on them at all times. Earning rewards based on the point system put in place by the app is as simple as behaving well. Think of this app as the tech-forward version of sticker-based reward charts.
  3. Behavior Counter – This $0.99 app is a very simple, no-frills offering that’s easy to use if you’re in need of nothing more complicated than a bare-bones tally system. There is some statistical support for data collection, which will allow you to determine triggers for bad behavior and their underlying causes.
  4. Behavior Breakthroughs – The game-based technology of the free Behavior Breakthroughs app allows you to model your child’s behavior back to him through a digitized avatar on your iPhone. Seeing his own behavior reflected through the avatar can help him understand why certain choices are bad ones, encouraging him to choose more wisely next time.
  5. Rich Kids – Behavior & Reward Contracts for Child Discipline – Designed to help kids between the ages of three and 15 modify their behavior and learn the importance of making the right choices, the $2.99 Rich Kids app also does double-duty as a money-management teaching aide. Reaching goals within the app allows your child to earn coupons for prizes that motivate good behavior and establishes the basic concept of currency in young children.
  6. SymTrend ADL – Parents of kids with special needs and behavioral disorders can keep up with the way their kids manage ADLs, or Activities of Daily Living with SymTrend. Keeping up with behavior and ADLs is far easier with the help of this app, making it worth the relatively steep $10.99 price tag. If part of your child’s care entails logging and tracking incidents and milestones, this could be the app for you.
  7. Chore Pad HD – Given a nine out of 10 rating by Wired Magazine, Nannek’s $4.99 Chore Pad HD is an effective motivational tool for kids who are reluctant to keep up with their chores. Helping to change lazy or self-centered attitudes about work and helping out isn’t always easy, but apps like this can certainly help.
  8. Behavior Tracker Pro – The $29.99 price tag of Behavior Tracker Pro, while pricey, is a worthwhile investment for parents of children on the Autism spectrum, as it helps parents, therapists, educators and caregivers track and manage behaviors with a graphing function. Designed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who also has a child on the spectrum, Behavior Tracker Pro is an invaluable teaching tool.
  9. Teacher’s Assistant Pro: Track Student Behavior – This $12.99 app is a blessing for educators, as it can dramatically reduce the amount of paperwork and documentation you’re forced to complete. It’s also a very effective and efficient method of storing records of specific behavioral incidents for later discussion at parent conferences and meetings.
  10. iRewardChart: Parents Reward Tracker Behavior Chore Chart – Selected as a “Busy Parents” essential app by the App Store, Gotclues, Inc’s $3.99 iRewardChart acts as a virtual sticker chart for good behavior. For budget-conscious parents and caregivers, there’s also a free Lite version.

While these apps can help you keep up with how your child is behaving, they’re no replacement for actual, hands-on parenting. Make sure that you’re using the information the apps provide in constructive ways, tackling problems head-on and managing issues as they arise. With some new-fangled technology and old-fashioned parenting, you can raise children that grow into productive, independent adults.

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