25 Blogs Featuring Cucumber Recipes that Might be Perfect for Dinner

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Cucumbers are available year round and tend to be very inexpensive.  These crispy vegetables are full of juicy goodness, but are very low in calories.  You can make cucumber water by simply adding sliced cucumbers to a pitcher of water.  The water is refreshing and takes on a new flavor.  By juicing or blending a cucumber you can add it to various drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.  Cucumbers might be best known in salads, but these versatile gems work well in appetizers, entrées and as pickles.  Take a look at these 25 blog entries and create something new tonight.


From cucumber smoothies to cucumber martinis you can make a refreshing drink with cucumbers.  Though refreshing the cucumber will also replace lost electrolytes that you’ve lost after physical activity, kind of a natural sports drink.  Try to leave the skin of the cucumber on if you can because much of the nutrition is in the skin.  These five blog posts will get you started with a few drinks.


Cucumbers are very common additions to a lettuce salad, but are often found in a salad with no lettuce as well.  Many Asian recipes feature cucumbers.  These crunchy additions add an interesting texture to any salad.  Unlike lettuce, cucumbers will retain their crispness longer even in dressing.  Glance through these five blog articles and see if you’d like to try a new cucumber salad recipe.


If you want to keep things light for your next get together why not throw together a cucumber appetizer.  Virtually calorie-free, the cucumber makes for a tasty vehicle for other ingredients such as hummus, pineapple or soba noodles.  Give these interesting recipes, found in these five blog entries, a try.


While cucumbers seem a little light to be an entrée you can most certainly find them in the following recipes.  The Chilly Dilly Cucumber soup can be a first course or a light lunch on a summer day.  Fish with a cucumber sauce is a classic pairing and offers a healthy dish that can be enjoyed guilt-free.  Check out these five blog posts and see if any of these dishes strike your fancy.


Pickles are more of a snack than anything and so they are in a class by themselves.  Learn how to make your own sweet or dill pickles.  Some pickles have to “pickle” in the jar for a week or more while others can be quick pickled sitting for just a few hours in the brine.  Try making yellow pickles with some yellow cucumbers and bring those to your next potluck and see the surprised looks on people’s faces.  Yellow pickles are something unusual, but familiar all at the same time.  Take a look at these five blog articles and see which recipe you’re going to try first.

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