30 Blogs Focused on Boosting Your Immunity

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As the weather begins to cool down and the days get shorter, thoughts naturally turn to strengthening and protecting your immune system to prevent seasonal colds, flu and other illnesses. While nothing listed in these 30 blogs should be considered a substitute for the advice and care of a trained medical professional, they do offer up plenty of food-for-thought information that can help you make the most of all your natural defenses this cold and flu season.

Dietary Choices

What you put into your body has a very real effect on the way that it operates. Maintaining a good diet comprised of fresh fruits, vegetables and other nutritious fare can make a noticeable difference in the power and strength of your immune system. These five blogs are filled with information about the best ways to shore up your body’s defenses naturally, simply by altering your diet.

Stress Reduction

Excessive amounts of stress can affect your body in a variety of unpleasant ways, not least of which is your ability to fight off illnesses. These five blog entries discuss the impact that anxiety and stress can have on your body, and share ideas to help you relax so that your health isn’t compromised by the difficulties you face each day.


A sedentary lifestyle can lead not only to obesity, diabetes and other health complaints related directly to the excess weight, but also to the weakening of the immune system and other vital physical processes. These five bloggers tackle the issue of being active, and explain how a lack of activity relates to your body’s ability to fight off illness.

Herbal Treatments

While there are some that regard herbal medicine, naturopathy and herbal supplements with suspicion or outright derision, there are others who remain staunch proponents. The information contained in these five blog entries can help you make an informed decision on the issue so that you are able to form your own opinion.

Get Some Sleep!

Lack of sleep and exhaustion are surefire ways to diminish your body’s ability to fight off infections and illnesses, and to wreak havoc with your health in general. These five bloggers explore the connection between a lack of sufficient rest and a weakened, ineffectual immune system.

Skip the Antibiotics

While antibiotics can, and often do, save lives threatened by infectious diseases, modern habits of overuse and excessive prescriptions have already caused a variety of antibiotic-resistant strains of potentially serious illnesses. Understanding what antibiotics do and do not treat effectively, as well as the proper attitude regarding their use, is an important aspect of protecting and maintaining your immune system.

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