30 Blogs with Homemade Holiday Cookie Recipe

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As the autumn and winter holidays approach, thoughts begin to turn to the delicious food that typically accompanies large family gatherings. One of the most beloved dessert table staples of the holidays are a variety of freshly baked cookies. Rather than opting for store-bought cookies that could be laden with preservatives and chemical additives, you may find that preparing them yourself is almost as much fun as eating them. These 30 bloggers are well-versed in the language of the cookie, and offer their own recipes, hints and tips regarding their preparation.

Sugar Cookies

A perennial favorite at the holiday table due to their delicious taste and how well they lend themselves to decoration, sugar cookies are always a safe bet for serving family and friends. These five blogs offer their own hints, tips and methods for making the best sugar cookies out there; try your hand at all five to determine for yourself who the winner is!

Gingerbread Cookies

Few desserts are as synonymous with the winter holidays as the iconic gingerbread man. Whether you’re planning to make simple men and women shapes, or are brave enough to undertake the challenge of a more elaborate gingerbread house, these five bloggers will be there to offer their support and advice every step of the way.

Shortbread Cookies

While traditional shortbread is made from nothing more than sugar, butter and flour, modern variations of this delicious treat can include a vast array of modifications. From the simplest recipe to elaborately flavored shortbread cookies, these five blog entries are full of great recipes and ideas for incorporating shortbread into your holiday dessert table.

Decorated Cookies

Decorating cookies is a time-honored tradition for many families, and these five blogs offer plenty of hints and instructions to help you establish that same tradition in your own family. Perusing the contents of these entries will have you decorating like a pro, earning you rave reviews at holiday gatherings for years to come.

Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate is a sure-fire hit year-round, and the holidays are no exception. These five blog entries can provide you with great ideas and recipes to help you integrate this delicacy into your holiday dessert selection perfectly.

Fruit Cookies

While poorly prepared fruitcakes tend to be so universally disliked that they’re the butt of holiday jokes, there are varieties that happen to be quite delicious. These recipes integrate the elements of fruit and traditional holiday fruitcake into cookie recipes that may change a few minds about the desirability of the infamous fruitcake.

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