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Spending time together as a family seems to be more difficult for today’s parents and children than it was for past generations. Between the demands of a career and running a household, parents have less free time on their hands, while their kids are so loaded with academic responsibilities and extracurricular activities that they seem to seldom have time to do more than finish homework and catch a few hours of sleep. These 30 blogs feature a variety of ideas for ways that families can spend more time with one another and less time in front of an electronic device.

Outdoor Summer Fun

Getting kids off the couch and into the fresh air to engage in physically active play is less of a challenge when you’re willing to get out there with them. These five bloggers offer advice, hints and ideas for fun and exciting outdoor games that can keep you and your brood outdoors and entertained.

Winter Outdoor Activities

While the chilly winds of winter can be a deterrent against outdoor activity, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean an end to fun outside. Bundle up and take a cue from these five bloggers, who discuss a variety of cold weather family activities that are sure to warm your heart and keep you all laughing.

Holiday-Themed Family Activities

When school isn’t in session and work responsibilities begin to slow down in the days surrounding various holidays, it can present an opportunity for families to spend more time engaged in activities as a unit than other times throughout the year. These five blog entries propose ideas and hints for holiday-themed family fun!

Family Game Night

Though it may not be feasible for the typical modern family to make every night a family game night, instituting a policy of holding the event once each week, or even on a monthly basis, makes it easier for you to clear your schedules in anticipation. The subject matter of these five blog entries circles around the concept and execution of a successful family game night, and can serve as valuable resources for you as you plan one for your family.

Family Arts and Crafts Projects

Creating art projects together that you’ll cherish forever may require less time than you think, especially after perusing the ideas set forth by these five crafty bloggers. From holiday themes to every day fun, there’s something here to suit everyone’s tastes and abilities.

Family Stay-cation Ideas

A struggling economy means not only less money, but also that you may be forced to spend more time at work to make ends meet. When your much-needed vacation rolls around, these five bloggers suggest skipping the stress and pressure of a traveling vacation, and taking on the relaxing fun of a “stay-cation” instead.

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