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Scrapbooking is a hobby that has been around for hundreds of years. It has evolved considerably since it first started with people saving newspaper clippings and writing poems in their books.  Around the 1990’s, scrapbooking enjoyed a resurgence and has been going strong ever since, becoming a multi-billion dollar hobby. One of the few complaints people have regarding the hobby is having trouble coming up with ideas for their scrapbook pages.  Here are 30 blogs that have sample pages for a variety of topics.  Grab a cup of tea, sit back and take a look.

For Boys

With all of the flowers, ribbons and bling that are available for scrapbook pages, sometimes it’s hard to create more masculine pages.  Scrapbook manufacturers are not clueless about this and have designed plenty of pages that have accents in wood, metal and other masculine touches.  These five blogs will give you examples of masculine scrapbook pages.

For Girls

Scrapbook page ideas for girls can be hard when you have to figure out when you’ve used enough bling and when you might have gone a tad overboard.  There are many accessories that suit girls well when scrapbooking, and flowers and glitter are just barely scratching the surface of the girly accessories that are available.  These five blog posts will give you some new ideas.


Your wedding is one the biggest events in your life, so it makes sense that you that you’d like to scrapbook everything about the ‘big day’ and all of the planning that went into it.  These five bloggers have some layout ideas for wedding pictures and other related shots.


Most people take tons of pictures while on vacation. After all, you want to remember everything you saw and everything you did.  How do you get those pictures into a scrapbook?  For some creative ideas, check out these five blog entries.


Remembering milestone anniversaries with a big party or a trip is relatively common practice.  Creating a scrapbook to give as a gift for a milestone anniversary is also something that is often done.  These five blog posts will provide some helpful tips for anniversary layouts.


Most people have tons of pictures from the holidays because it’s such a common time to gather with friends and family.  It seems like someone always has a camera out, which is a good thing.  Gather those pictures and take a look at these five blogs and see if you can find some ideas that you like for your scrapbook pages.

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