30 Blogs with the Best Ideas for Organizing Kids’ Bedrooms

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Kids have an uncanny ability to create monumental messes in the blink of an eye. How can such little people make such a big mess in such a short amount of time?  Any mom can attest that it can seem like you spend all of your time picking up toys, with no end in sight.  It doesn’t have to be like that though. With some quick and easy organization tips, you can help bring order to the chaos. If you help your kids start forming these habits when they are young, then you have a better chance of instilling some organizational skills in them. These 30 bloggers have some ideas to help you do just that.


Label your bins and put them on a book shelf or some other piece of furniture to help organize them.  If your kids don’t read, you can always label with pictures.  Here are some other ideas for working with bins from these five bloggers.


If you are looking for ways to keep things out without everything being strewn all over the floor try using baskets.  Young children are good at tossing everything into a basket.  You can use multiple baskets on a shelf if you like too.  Here are five blog entries that will help you get organized using baskets.


Having a handyman or contractor come in and create some built-in storage units will help give you more storage space so that your child has a place for everything.  Deep bookcases can be used to hold baskets and bins when the kids are little, and then can hold books and collectibles when they get older.  Here are five blog posts about built-in storage solutions.


The possibilities for organization are endless if you are a do-it-yourself type person.  You can make a window seat that doubles as a toy chest, shelves and other clever things.  Check out these five blog posts for other useful ideas.

Shabby Chic

Finding ways to organize while still keeping the shabby chic look is not as hard as you might think.  These five blog posts have found various pieces of furniture and the like to organize their kids’ rooms while still keeping up the shabby chic design style.  If you are a fan of shabby chic you should check them out.

On a Budget

Organizing on a budget is somewhat difficult because everyone tells you to buy all of these baskets or storage boxes and by the time you are done you have invested hundreds of dollars.  Here are five blog entries that will help you organize your kids’ rooms on a budget.

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3 Responses to 30 Blogs with the Best Ideas for Organizing Kids’ Bedrooms

  1. Dovecote says:

    My husband traveled a great deal when the children were small so I had to set up systems to keep the house running smoothly. I placed their good toys, like special dolls with tiny clothes, shoes and socks in their bedrooms, with instructions that they remain there. We had space in the basement for blocks and legos where there were works in progress that could stay in construction mode out on the floor and I was lucky enough to have an enclosed side porch where messy things went like paint, easels etc… I strategically set baskets at the top and bottom of all the stairs and around the house. During the day, items that had strayed from their spots went into the baskets and were delivered to their locations at the end of the afternoon. The biggest help, was to feed them a full dinner when they came home from school. They were starving and were filling up on junk. A proper meal at 3:30 broke the dinner time battle that ensued because they were already full from snacking. After their proper dinner, they could sit down with dessert or any snack and chat with us at dinner. This also helps to get the large pots and pans cleaned up, freeing me for bath and bed time chores.

  2. Thanks so much for including my website/blog on your Top 30 List! Kid’s rooms and playrooms are always a popular topic for my organizing clients and they’re the most fun to organize!

  3. Thanks for this list of blogs. Great organization is the key to helping things run smoothly.

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