30 Blogs with the Best Tips for Planning Your First Weekend Away Without the Kids

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A weekend away from the kids every once in a while is a great idea – albeit one that may leave you feeling fraught with thoughts of guilt and abandonment. That’s okay, though, as long as you’re not planning on absconding for good! You deserve a little break, so you shouldn’t feel guilty for taking the opportunity when it arises. However, one problem remains: who’s going to look after the kids? In these 30 blogs you’ll find all the answers you need to arrange and manage your first kid-free weekend, so you can enjoy your weekend away without fretting too much about leaving the kids at home.

Why Would You Leave Your Kids?
Remember those abandonment issues? Well, they are the first hurdle that you need to overcome in order to enjoy a guilt-free weekend away. Yes, it is hard to be away from your kids, but you really do need the break. Understanding that the impact is not as big on your kids as you imagine is the first step. These five blogs will help you prepare for and plan your first weekend away.
How to organize a week or weekend away from the kids
crazy mom syndrome
A weekend away from the kids
Preparations for a weekend away from the kids
The Importance of Time Away From Your Kids

Finding Babysitters
Of course, you’re going to need someone to take care of the kids. This is a weekend away, so it’s understandable, as with any time you are away, that you will want the most competent person possible. However, the main difference here is that your babysitter will need to keep the kids overnight. Before choosing a babysitter, take some notes from these five blogs on how to find the perfect candidate.
Steps To Finding The Perfect Babysitter
5 Tips for Finding a Weekend Babysitter
Finding Babysitters
Finding the right babysitter
Adventures in Babysitting

Places to Go and Setting the Mood
Once you are happy that your babysitter is adequately competent, you will need to decide where you are going to spend your weekend away. This is important, as you won’t get many of these opportunities. Choose well, lest you regret a wasted weekend. These five blogs offer suggestions for romantic and relaxing weekends away, which are especially suited to parents.
Venice – a weekend away
Make Date Night Exciting Again
Why it’s important to take a kid free vacation
Why A Romantic Cabin Break is a Great Idea
How I love a trip away

Preparing the Kids’ and Showing them you Care
Depending on the age of your kids, they will receive the news of your weekend away with varying degrees of platitude. However, don’t be fooled by these trite remarks. Your kids are secretly begging for reassurance from you. Take this time to sit them down and follow the lessons from these five blogs.
Preparing Your Babysitter
5 ways to show your kids you care when you’re away
Staying in Touch with your Child while you’re Away
More Than Words: Simple Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them
Going away–without the kids? Feeling guilty or worried? Read this.

Weekend Kids’ Activities While Mom and Dad are Away
While you are away, you will want the kids to stay busy and active. The less you think that they are thinking about the separation, the more you’ll be able to relax – because let’s face it – they’ll be fine, you’re the one who is going to fret. However, you can rest assured that with the activities found in these five blogs, the kids will have plenty to entertain them while you’re away.
Sharpie on a Mug: Kids Art {Dishwasher Safe!}
10 Activities to Do with Kids While You’re Babysitting
Fun Activities For the Weekend Babysitter
19 Engaging Activities for 1 Year Olds
Kiddie Crafts for Gift Giving

Preparation and Allowing for Emergencies
Go have fun, you deserve it! Whether you are away for a night, weekend, month or year, the same amount of emergency preparation is needed. Unless you’re planning on leaving for a century, the number for 911 is unlikely to change. Emergency situations are something that every parent worries about, though, so make sure to go through these five blogs with your babysitter.
Parents and Babysitters: Preparing for Emergencies
Avoiding Lawsuits: 3 Things Every Babysitter Should Know
Babysitter Checklist | Mom Tip Monday
Tips For Preparing Your Babysitter
Ways to Teach Your Child to Call 911

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