Full-Time Nanny Vacancies

Whether families are looking for a nanny for their infant, have decided to transition from daycare to nanny care or are looking for a nanny replacement, there are parents constantly looking to fill full-time nanny vacancies.

To legally accept employment in the United States as a nanny, individuals must have proper work authorization. Employers are required to have new nannies complete an I-9 Employment Eligibility Form.

Parents looking for a full-time nanny should allow 2-12 weeks to complete their screening process. Nannies should allow the same for their job search.

When applying for nanny positions, it’s important to remember that while the typical duties and responsibilities for nannies are the same, each family has different needs and the job description for each position will be different. Parents should also be aware that each nanny is a unique individual with different job preferences, personality, skills and talents. Finding the right match is essential in securing a long-term nanny placement.

To find the right match, nannies and parents may wish to utilize several nanny recruitment methods. These methods may include securing the services of a nanny placement agency, utilizing a nanny recruiting website and word of mouth.

When considering full-time nanny vacancies, nannies should ensure that they are qualified to apply for the advertised position. Nannies should have the appropriate level of education, experience, as well as the right skill set for the specific full-time nanny job to which they are applying.

Nannies who are applying for live-out vacancies should give careful consideration to the required commute. Nannies who require public transportation should ensure that taking it to and from the position would be feasible. If the nanny will be driving her own vehicle she should consider traffic patterns and ensure that there is adequate parking at her potential employer’s home.

When applying for a full-time nanny vacancy that was found via a classified listing, it is customary to respond with a cover letter and resume. Nannies who wish to apply to be represented by an agency will have to follow the application steps provided by the agency. For nannies who wish to use an online recruiting site, they’ll need to sign up and complete their profile. Nannies can then search for or be found by families using the same site. Once initial contact has been made and the parents express an interest in speaking further about their vacancy, nannies should be prepared to have a phone and in-person interview. For the in-person interview nannies should have a current portfolio ready to share that showcases their nanny work.

Prior to being officially offered a position, nannies should expect to undergo a thorough background screening. A criminal background check, reference check and motor vehicle check at minimum should be expected. Parents should never forego conducting a thorough background investigation on a potential nanny. Parents should instead strive to learn as much as possible about a nanny candidate so that they can make an educated and informed hiring decision.

10 Ways to Find Full-Time Nanny Jobs

For childcare specialists who wish to work in a family’s private home, they should take steps to secure a full-time nanny position. When seeking a full-time nanny job, nannies can be as selective about families as families are about nannies. To find the best employment match, nannies should consider these 10 ways to find vacant nanny positions.

  1. Nanny placement agencies – These matchmaking services refer prescreened nannies to families based on their needs. The services are paid for by the families, and to hold a solid reputation, referral agencies represent candidates that fill their requirements.
  2. Online nanny recruiting services- These online databases are relatively new and allow families to browse through the profiles of nannies and nannies to browse through profiles of families seeking nannies.
  3. Online classified ads – Instead of looking through newspapers, turn to online classified ads for local nanny job listings. Here nannies often find a variety of interesting opportunities.
  4. Newspapers – Newspapers feature help wanted ads each week under Child Care. Contact information is available so nannies can contact the family directly.
  5. Word of mouth – Nannies who let friends and family know that they are looking for a full-time nanny position are likely to score a few good leads.
  6. Social networking sites – Both Facebook and Twitter are excellent ways for nannies to market themselves and reach out to those in need of a full-time nanny. With fewer limitations, nannies can connect with those beyond their social network, yet still likely have some connection to the family.
  7. Community bulletin boards – Check out the bulletin boards around college campuses, local supermarkets and post offices. There are often flyers posted for families in need of a full-time nanny, and families can be contacted directly.
  8. Employment sites – Much like nanny recruiting services, employment sites post job listings for families, amongst other occupations. With advanced search options, nannies can limit your search based on location, hours needed and ages of the children.
  9. Domestic staffing firms – Owners of large estates often turn to domestic staffing firms to secure all of their household staff from estate managers to nannies. Listing with a domestic staffing firm may open the doors to unique opportunities.
  10. Internet search – By doing a quick search online, nannies can be most specific about the type of nanny job they are looking for. For example, some nannies look for families that have the same faith or ethnicity as them, and search results will target these families.

There are many effective ways to find full-time nanny positions. By using the right tools nannies can find their best family match and flourish in their nanny role.

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