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Searching For a Full-Time Nanny

Before formally beginning a nanny search, it is essential that parents know what they are looking for in a full-time nanny. Parents should take inventory of their care giving needs to access the amount and intensity of care they require and strive to identify the traits of an ideal candidate prior to beginning their full-time nanny search. Parents must also consider their budget, their parenting philosophy and the personality type of nanny they wish to help raise their children.

When defining the hours that they need care, parents should be cautioned not to present the best case scenario. If the parents are required to work 40 hours per week, they must factor in travel time when determining their care needs. If the parents work 40 hours, the nanny will likely need to work 45-50 hours per week. Also, if parents typically run late due to business meetings or have to travel occasionally, this information should be included when defining how much care that they need. While most nannies are willing to be flexible, it’s vital that parents be clear about how much flexibility is required to that the nanny can make an informed decision about the position.

Parents must also consider how much experience they wish their nanny to have. Parents of newborn twins, for example, are going to want to be sure their nanny has previous experience caring for newborns and multiples. In addition to experience, parents will also want to consider how much education they would like their ideal candidate to have. Most parents expect their nanny to have at least completed high school and many require that their nanny has college experience.

The importance of finding a nanny that fits into the family’s lifestyle seamlessly can’t be overrated. Parents should consider what personality types would work well with their family and what personal traits and characteristics they would prefer their nanny to have.

Drafting a written job description will help parents identify the role, duties and responsibilities they wish their nanny to have. Parents must consider if they want to hire a nanny who will be treated more like family or more like a valued employee. They must also consider how the nanny will fit into the family’s life and what specific childcare duties and responsibilities they wish her to undertake. Presenting a clear, accurate job description will help attract the most viable candidates. Parents should also educate themselves on what constitutes typical nanny duties. While a nanny’s primary responsibility in the care of the children, nanny generally undertake all tasks related to childcare, including doing the children’s laundry and keeping the children’s areas neat, organized and tidy.

Establishing a childcare budget and the salary and benefits package  parents are prepared to offer is also essential prior to beginning a full-time nanny search. Location, a nanny’s experience, education, reference and skill set will all factor into determining a competitive nanny salary. Paying a nanny legally entitles parents to tax credits and savings that often offset the cost of doing so.

Once parents have settled on a job description, have an understanding of their ideal candidate and have decided on a childcare budget they can begin their search. Parents can search for a nanny by listing with a nanny placement agency, by placing an ad on an Internet nanny recruiting site like eNannySource.com, by utilizing social media, by word of mouth or by other methods. Regardless of how parents advertise for and find their nanny candidates, it is the parents’ responsibility to properly and thoroughly screen potential care providers. The more information parents know about their potential nanny, the more of an informed and educated hiring decision they can make.

10 Key Phrases to Add to a Full-Time Nanny Wanted Ad

When crafting a full-time nanny advertisement, it is essential that the wording is carefully considered. The words that are used will determine which candidates respond to the advertisement.

  1. References Required. “References required” is one key phrase that should be in every nanny wanted advertisement. Supplying references should be is non-negotiable. Any good nanny will be able to provide references who can vouch for her character and her work history.
  2. Living Status. Some parents explicitly advertise for a “live-in nanny.”  If you aren’t looking for a nanny in your home, be sure to specify that the position is “live-out.”
  3. Competitive Benefits. “Competitive Benefits” is a phrase that will catch any nanny’s attention. Specific benefits do not have to be listed in the ad, but parents should be prepared to discuss what benefits come with the employment offer. Some benefits include paid time off and partial or full contribution to medical benefits is standard.
  4. Nanny Experience Required. If the ad says “nanny experience required,” only those nannies who have prior experience nannying will likely apply. This knocks out a lot of the inexperienced people and saves parents time by not having to interview them.
  5. Bilingual Nanny Preferred. One buzz phrase that is more popular now than ever is “bilingual nanny preferred.” Many parents in today’s world want nannies who are bilingual, so they can teach the children another language.
  6. Experience With Special Needs. Some parents have unique situations and may advertise for nannies who have “experience with kids with special needs.” The exact nature of a child’s disability should not be placed in the ad, but details may need to be discussed in the interview.
  7. Must Have Reliable Car. Another key phrase is “must have reliable car.” If you expect your nanny to transport the children to soccer practice, doctor’s appointments and school events and her car, she’ll need a reliable one. If parents are going to provide a vehicle for the nanny to use, this should also be specified in the ad.
  8. Additional Duties Required. “Additional duties required” is showing up in many nanny ads, too. Basically, this means that the nanny is not only responsible for the care of the children, but she must also perform other jobs in the household. Most nannies who are required to perform additional jobs usually get paid more than regular nannies.
  9. CPR and First Aid Certification Required. Many parents advertise for nannies who have “CPR and First Aid Certification Required.” This is a standard expectation for parents to have of their nannies. However, most nannies who don’t have this training are willing to get it.
  10. Warm and Compassionate. Ads for “warm and compassionate” nannies are also common. Parents want their children to feel comfortable with their nannies, so nannies with caring natures are often preferred.

Parents need to be as clear and direct as possible in their nanny wanted ads. Using these key phrases can make expectations clear and help to attract viable nanny candidates.

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